The TV Everywhere Solution from NRTC

What is MyTimeTVsm?

MyTimeTVSM allows cable, satellite or IPTV subscribers to watch programming on electronic platforms beyond the home TV set. It’s the TV Everywhere service from NRTC that enables subscribers to watch the same programs they get on a TV set on an internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Once a subscriber logs in, the content is streamed to the supported device for them to watch wherever and whenever they want.

Why do I need to offer it to my customers?

Research shows that the iPad® and other tablet devices have become the new “second TV screen” in homes around the country today1. MyTimeTV allows your subscribers to extend their subscription to services like HBO® to these devices — and position yourself as an important connection between your customers and the “when and where I want” viewing service they desire.

With MyTimeTV, there’s no additional equipment required at your headend or in the home. So no major capital expenditures for you. Just added convenience for your customer. That’s real value for everyone.

In addition, as customers seek more high demand services like MyTimeTV, they’ll want higher speed broadband packages for optimal viewing quality — the perfect catalyst for broadband upgrades and new bundles of service. Your customers will want more access to their entertainment choices than ever before. MyTimeTV helps you provide this capability conveniently and cost-effectively.

What is authentication?

Programmers provide their content, accessible on various internet-connected devices, in a “walled garden” fashion – only subscribers currently receiving (and paying) for their services through a cable or IPTV operator. Authentication is the process by which programmers verify that customers subscribe to the required channels. Video service providers submit files with subscriber/package information. Programmers ping against that data to verify, “authenticate”, that the customer can receive the online content. For example, a programmer authenticates that a viewer is a current subscriber to HBO® in order to access HBO GO® via approved platforms and devices.

MyTimeTV provides full support for authentication with members. It’s a simple, straightforward service, with no incremental integration fees or additional hardware2. Just a one-time startup fee and a low monthly service rate. You need only provide customer credential data from your billing system once every 24 hours3.

What are the advantages of MyTimeTV for NRTC members?

MyTimeTV, like other solutions from NRTC, is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of rural telcos. Recognizing the complex and time- consuming evaluation, negotiation and administration processes involved, NRTC has worked to bring the MyTimeTV service to you in a competitive yet cost-effective package. Your subscribers want it — and we’re committed to making it a success for you.

Want to Learn More?

For more information about MyTimeTV, contact your NRTC Regional Business Manager (RBM). Your RBM can provide you a MyTimeTV presentation, a demonstration of the service and a jump start checklist.