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Data Circuits

 Because of the aggregate buying power of our members, NRTC is able to offer AT&T data circuits at competitive prices. Circuits are available to meet your bandwidth needs, including T1, DS3, OC 3/12/48, Fast-E and Gig-E. Plus, when you lease data circuits through us, you have a dedicated point of contact for service.

IP Backbone

When you turn to NRTC, you get extraordinary bandwidth capacity and reach from AT&T’s backbone, multi-tiered security, support for many applications and services and a global presence. Here are the features:

  • Bandwidths available from T-1 to Gigabit Ethernet
  • Service levels with network availability of at least 99.9 percent
  • Default-free routing from the IP backbone to other ISPs via peering or customer connections
  • Consistently low latency, supported by industry leading service level agreements
  • Low packet loss, with a network-wide average of no more than 0.7% of total traffic
  • Multi-layered security architecture and physical security for all backbone nodes
  • Support for Virtual Private Networks, intranets and extranets, Web hosting, managed security services and much more
  • 24x7 network management

Point-to-point Circuits

Integrate your data applications, corporate intranets and extranets and voice services with point-to-point circuits. When you lease point-to-point circuits from NRTC, you receive dedicated, private and secure access over an AT&T SONET backbone network.

You can establish point-to-point connections from your premise to a carrier’s point-of-present, to an AT&T point-of-presence, to your disaster recovery center and your Internet Service Provider.