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NRTC Helps Make Your ISP Services Better

NRTC delivers a suite of services designed to make your ISP better. Our TrueBand line of services delivers true solutions for rural broadband. From access, to e-mail, to Web hosting and more, count on NRTC to provide the support you need to keep your subscribers happy.

Network Access

NRTC helps members who are Internet Service Providers reach to the “cloud” with IP backbone services that keep you and your subscribers connected to the World Wide Web. In addition, our Domain Name System (DNS) and authentication servers located around the country provide 100% uptime for fast and reliable access to Web sites.

Operational Support

NRTC’s Member Support Team and engineers are ready to help you with any operational issues. We can assist you in identifying solutions, designing networks, deploying equipment, etc.

NRTC also provides operational support through these venues:

  • The Internet Business Center, a private Web site providing the latest information, resources and tools
  • Monthly webcasts that provide updates on the business, announce marketing promotions, demo new features and enable members to share ideas and best practices with each other
  • A monthly newsletter, The Provider, which shares information about the business and the industry
  • Online, webcast and face-to-face training, provided at no charge
  • Field support site visits to work with satellite Internet installers one-on-one

Business Support

The AdminTool, a Web-based subscriber management tool, helps NRTC members capture and maintain all relevant information about their subscribers, including billing information. You can even provide this tool to other businesses so that they can provision services on your behalf in a secure environment.

NRTC's Regional Business Managers and Sales & Marketing Managers help you plan and implement subscriber acquisition programs onsite. You can also get access to industry intelligence and market trends data to help you decide how best to serve your subscribers now and in the future, be it through bundling opportunities, new features or new technologies.

Through NRTC's relationships with nationally known vendors, you are invited to participate in marketing incentive programs. But whether we have a special promotion running or not, you have access to a Marketing Portal that you can use to download and customize professional print, broadcast and Web advertisements designed with rural subscribers in mind.