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Enjoy a 24x7 technical support service that is fully branded and customized to your business, including custom greetings, troubleshooting processes and escalation paths. NRTC serves as an extension of your team and ensures a quality experience for your subscribers.

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NRTC's toll-free subscriber support includes Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for basic connectivity, browsing and e-mail; basic support for DSL, cable modems, wireless and two-way satellite connectivity; and tech support for voice and video, including IPTV. We have your "Triple Play" subscribers covered.

Two of our four call centers are in upstate New York. The other two are in South Carolina and Missouri. You have real-time, Web-based access to trouble tickets and daily access to switch reports, so you can see statistics on speed of answer, abandoned calls and talk/hold time, why your subscribers are calling tech support, how their problems were resolved, etc. Furthermore, NRTC's onsite support center manager is like having your own supervisor right in the call center to act on your behalf.

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