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Web HostingNRTC's commercial Web hosting provides worry-free virtual domain hosting for your community. As a reseller, you can provide reliable and affordable hosting options to your service areas, from basic hosting to fully enabled e-commerce.

For a one-time fee at a discounted rate, NRTC will research and register your subscribers' domain names through Network Solutions, and then our partner, NetFronts, will provide hosting for both the Linux and Windows platforms. With 100% uptime for Domain Name System (DNS) and authentication, this Web hosting solution includes the following features for a monthly fee:

  • Mail-at-your-domain
  • Generous storage and transfer options
  • Front Page extensions
  • Web-based control panel
  • E-commerce options

NetFronts also provides one-click installations of various software packages, including (but not limited to) Wordpress, the #1 blog software on the Internet; Joomla, an excellent content management system that basically runs a Web site for the end user; and Coppermine, a photo gallery that helps people upload photos and automatically creates thumbnails for them.