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NRTC Partnering With Pulse Broadband to Support Rural Electric Fiber Projects
The contradictory state of rural broadband today is that while much of the country is racing toward fiber-fed gigabit services, many remote communities remain unserved or underserved. In some places, the electric cooperative has taken the lead to ensure their rural subscribers stay connected with up-to-date broadband service. Last week, NRTC finalized an agreement with Pulse Broadband, a company that already has extensive experience working with electric utilities on prominent fiber optic projects. [More]

NRTC Expands Solar Efforts With SoCore Energy Agreement
NRTC has reached a Master Representative and Marketing Agreement with SoCore Energy, one of the leading solar technology providers, to assist in developing solar energy projects for rural electric cooperatives. NRTC has provided support for community solar projects over the past year working with tenKsolar. With the SoCore agreement, NRTC is now ready to assist at all levels of solar development, including utility-scale projects. [More]

Exacter to Give NRTC Members the Ability to Predict Power Outages
NRTC today announced a strategic partnership with Exacter, a Columbus, OH- based company that offers a smart grid analytics system allowing utilities to pinpoint when and where future outages are likely to occur and to send repair crews preemptively. [More]

Partnerships Are a Must for Rural Broadband Providers Expanding Their Markets
One of the featured topics of the IP Possibilities conference in Denver was “collaboration.” It was a carryover from the Electric-Telco Partnership Summit earlier this year, where NRTC, NTCA and other organizations brought rural general managers from both industries into the same room to discuss ways to launch joint broadband projects. [More]