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Workforce Management

Response times to outages and other field work requests are improved, while productivity, safety, accuracy and customer service are increased

MFF platform diagramClevest provides smart grid mobile software for workforce management, automatic vehicle location (AVL), AMI deployment and post-deployment specifically for the utility industry.

Each product can be installed separately or integrated with others to meet your needs and budget. These products are bundled with hardware and professional services to meet the unique requirements of cooperative utilities at each stage of their business.

The easily configurable software is fully GIS integrated, providing real-time visibility into your asset infrastructure and full range of field work activities from performing meter service work to restoring outages to managing a mass deployment of smart meters.

All field workflow information and tools are integrated onto a single mobile computer, eliminating the need for multiple devices. By linking field workers with mobile supervisors and the dispatch center in real-time, both operational decisions and efficiency are improved.

MultiSpeak Compliance

MultiSpeak_3 ComplianceAlready certified with MultiSpeak 3 compliance, Clevest was one of the first companies to receive MultiSpeak 4 compliance, which ensures interoperability between other compliant systems and devices.

MultiSpeak is a leading standard in the electric cooperative utility industry for enterprise application interoperability. For utilities with integration initiatives, using applications written to the MultiSpeak Specification offers an independent measure of assurance that software investments will function as expected.

Contact your NRTC Regional Business Coordinator to evaluate your mobile workforce management needs.

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