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Web & Teleconferencing

Reduce travel expenses by taking advantage of NRTC’s Web and teleconferencing options.

Audio Conferencing Services

Toll-free or caller paid, you can arrange the conference or have an operator arrange it. If desired, have the conference recorded digitally so listeners can hear it later on their schedule or on a CD that you can copy and distribute as needed.

Reservationless Service

Call a meeting on demand. Subscribe and you have your dial-in number and access codes always at hand. Notify your participants of the numbers and the time of the call, then host the meeting at your convenience.

Executive Offer

Host high-profile meetings, such as press conferences or annual meetings, across long distances without worry.

Executive ConferenceCasting

Use the Internet to permit your audience to experience your audio conference "live," or record your event to make it available on request. Great for presentations, great for training.

Web Meeting Service

Combine your conference call with data sharing on the Web. Host an audio teleconference while presenting files from your computer desktop to the attendees. If desired, you and the group can edit files; create sketches; share desktop control; chat with each other; and survey participants online, sharing the results immediately.

Video Conferencing

Link your conference room or desktop with others around the country or around the world to participate in "virtual" face-to-face meetings. AT&T offers a multipoint video bridging service that allows three or more sites to join the same video conference call.