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Amazing Achievement Worth Remembering

Randy Sukow / Jul 19, 2019

Just a brief note: There are many video and written tributes to the moon landing available this week. (This one produced by Space News I think is especially comprehensive.) There’s not much more that I can add. At 10:56 p.m. EDT tomorrow, the world will observe the 50th anniversary of an amazing achievement.

We all still feel the effects of man’s early exploration of space. It was the spark of many life-changing technologies and innovative businesses. NRTC launched itself in the 1980s by helping its members deliver space-based television service to rural homes. We still offer broadband service from geostationary orbit to the most difficult-to-reach parts of rural America. The future holds the possibility of very fast satellite systems in low-earth orbit that could eliminate the last vestiges of the “digital divide.”

For me personally, I was a seven-year-old watching a black and white TV as Neil Armstrong inched down the ladder to the moon’s surface. LIFE Magazine and other publications provided colorful images of Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin. Everybody knew their names. And, yes, I had an Apollo 11 lunchbox.

Let’s make sure that school kids always remember the Apollo program.

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