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Keep Your Business and Your Customers Connected to the World at Light Speed

The appeal of fiber for connectivity is well known. The challenge in rural America, in more sparsely populated areas, is figuring out how to make the business case and ensure sustainability. That’s where you need expertise and partners.

The experts at NRTC’s subsidiary Pulse Broadband know how to work with rural utilities, both electric and telecom providers. While others begin projects by focusing on the last mile, we design networks with your operation in mind. By providing a secure system for all your mission-critical business functions, your fiber network will do more than just deliver broadband to your customers. It will transform your business and your community.

Fiber Backbone

We can design, engineer and manage backbone network construction to feed wireless, telecom and smart grid networks. 

Connect your offices, substations, key commercial customers and critical infrastructure end points with high-speed, redundant, private and secure communications to insure instant two-way data, voice and video communications. 

Last-Mile Solutions

While many fiber projects start with internal connectivity needs (whether smart grid for electrics or network connectivity for telecoms), it’s likely that you’ll look for ways to monetize that investment and leverage that infrastructure.

We can plan, design, and manage the build of a fiber or hybrid fiber/wireless broadband network to residences and businesses that require high-speed Internet, communications, and entertainment solutions – not only enable true broadband Internet access but enable services such as rural telemedicine, smart ag, and remote learning.

Is It Feasible?

The first question you’ll ask is whether a fiber project makes sense for you, financially and otherwise. You’ll need a model based on real-world experience. You must consider population density and several other factors.

Pulse Broadband has fine-tuned its feasibility studies and financial models through years of experience. With experience gained from more than 5,000 miles of fiber deployment and successful rural fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) projects, we understand the most critical parts of your network.

Our models keep members in mind. We strive to give you the most accurate guideposts for your project planning. Feasibility studies include:

  1. Bandwidth Analysis
  2. Field Review for Fiber Readiness
  3. Plant Miles and Passings Calculations (often custom)
  4. Competitive Analysis including Pricing/Packaging Recommendation
    • Existing Competitors
    • General Pricing in Service Area
    • Pricing from Peers Around the Country
    • Pricing Recommendation
  5. Commercial Services Analysis (if critical for project)
  6. Financial Model
    • Capital Budget Details
    • Dashboard Reports of Financial Model
    • Projected Financial Statements

In most cases, we can deliver a full customized report, including your ROI model and analysis in 30-45 days. Our team of experts then walks you through the findings to discuss the pros, cons and viability of a potential FTTH project.

To request a feasibility study, contact: Pulse Chief Marketing Officer Rudy Tober at 248-535-6335 or

With You Every Step of the Way

Once you’ve analyzed the feasibility study and decided to proceed with a fiber build, you can count on us to be there from beginning to end – the design phase through construction and beyond, with managed network services and end-user broadband, voice and video delivery.  

We know all the ins and outs of building a fiber network, and we have formed partnerships to assure the right decisions at every step of the process.

Build Services and Support

  1. Mapping – We build detailed and actionable maps for a fiber network using GPS technology. Members can integrate GPS data into existing databases. We add value by sampling accuracy, filling in the gaps, and collecting additional data while we collect fiber data critical for network.
  2. Design – Once the network architectures/technologies are determined, we’ll go to work for you on the actual FTTH design. We’ll use advanced GIS mapping tools with data at the household level to ensure your design meets specifications and prepares your construction crews for a successful build.
  3. Construction Management – Choosing the right construction partner is a key to success. We work with popular and well-respected FTTH construction firms. We suggest an RFP process, which we can manage on your behalf, to find the best construction firm. We’ll work with your team to supervise a successful build out.
  4. Management Oversight – We’ll help you apply processes for adhering to design and architecture guidelines, submitting reports and status updates, staying on time and on budget, and maintaining quality control.

Operational Services and Support

  1. Managed Network Services – Whether you’ve built your fiber network for internal applications or consumer connectivity, NRTC, through its NeoNova subsidiary, can help you reduce costs, minimize risk and grow your businesses.
  2. Video Services – NRTC has more than 30 years’ experience helping our members meet their subscribers’ demands for content. If you’re looking to deliver video over your fiber infrastructure, we’re here to help you manage the business as the market demands.
NRTC Acquires Pulse Broadband

The acquisition will enable NRTC to accelerate its efforts to provide a full range of communications services for its members.

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