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Broadband from the Sky to Your Customer's Backyard

We are pioneers in the satellite Internet industry, and it’s a service we’re proud to continue to offer to you today. We work with the big satellite firms, and you get the latest generation of satellite Internet technology for your remote customers.

It's not cheap to launch a satellite. We work with industry leaders to deliver economical arrangements for you to access satellite broadband, often the only feasible solution for remote connectivity. More importantly, we want you to control the relationships you have with your customers—not the big satellite guys. We're always looking to the future to find the next "big thing" in satellite connectivity, and we're happy to report that the best is yet to come.

The Satellite Industry is Big, We Keep it Local

Since our founding, it has been our job to deliver advanced satellite services to our members and the communities they serve. Today, we offer the latest generation of satellite Internet through Viasat, our industry partner.

But you get a lot more than just access to satellite equipment. We ensure that your staff is kept up to date on all of the latest offers, deals, promotions and technical requirements. We provide affordable after-hours support to ensure that your subscribers can always get access to the help they need. 

Unique in the industry, we ensure that you are always the first point of contact for your subscribers. They call your local office when they need support. Your local crews are dispatched to consumers' home for technical assistance. It's even your company's name on the monthly bill.

We keep satellite local.

Looking to 2017 and Beyond

Satellite Internet is about to get bigger. A lot bigger. As remarkable as the advancements in satellite technology have been over the course of NRTC's 30 years in the industry, those advancements don't hold a candle to what's to come. 

In 2017, our satellite broadband partner ViaSat aniticipates it will launch ViaSat-2, which will double the capacity of its existing satellite fleet. We're hard at work to ensure that our members have what they need to deliver these services to their customers.

And looking further in the future, when ViaSat-3 launches near the close of the decade, this new generation satellite will provide 1 Tbps capacity to rural consumers across the continent. 

Section 706 Issues Still Attract Some Debate

The FCC is in the middle of its annual ritual of pretending to consider the Section 706 question.

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Gearing up for ViaSat-3

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