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Making The Right Choice

From network feasibility studies to back office support for existing companies, our recommendations are grounded in years of real-world experience planning, designing and building networks—always with a vision toward providing the services most needed for your customers.

Technology Evaluation

The most important step in creating a network happens well before anything is financed or installed—it’s determining what technologies you’ll deploy through an extensive feasibility study.

Every member is different, which means that no two networks are the same. For some members, all fiber solution is the right choice. But for most, a combined deployment of fiber, wireless and even satellite broadband is the best choice. They focus on deploying fiber in higher density services areas—like towns and small cities—while expanding the reach of that deployment with wireless. In remote areas, satellite broadband may be the ideal choice to reach everyone. We’ll conduct an on-site review and analysis of your existing plan to help you determine which route to take.

Business Modeling/Feasibility Studies

Our financial model includes more than 80 input variables, and it will give you complete fiber construction estimates. The model includes a projected bill of materials (BOM). For revenue-generating projects, it also provides detailed “take rate” estimates, full financial spreadsheets, and financial forecasting for periods up to twenty years or beyond. It gives you the ability to evaluate your project from all aspects and allows you the flexibility of continued model updates so that you can make the best possible decision for your “fiber future.”

NRTC also provides competitive and commercial analysis to help you understand what other providers in your area offer and how to best price your offering.

Launch Support

We offer specially designed tools to help our members identify potential customers, so they can spend their marketing dollars wisely. Increase revenue and reduce churn with systems to manage customer life-cycle from demand to subscriber.

Through a web-based interface, we divide your service area into geographic zones, then, using crowdsourcing techniques, we determine which zones have the most interest in broadband service. Potential customers then can respond, expressing their interest in the service and further refining the quality of the data on the system. It’s a high-tech, word-of-mouth strategy for demand-building and subscriber management. 

Get started with your fiber feasibility study