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NRTC’s CrowdFiber gives you the tools to make sales or capture interest by address. Watch interest grow in neighborhoods you didn’t expect and maximize your ROI.

customize the online experience

Present your company the way you want. Include products, questions, and more based on your maps and service areas. Create upsell opportunities. Even research areas for future funding opportunities.

simplify with integrations

Insert address searches on your website and integrate with CRM, GIS, and billing systems. Supercharge your ease of doing business and outsell the competition.


The Latest Broadband Mapping News

FCC’s Broadband Map – What NRTC Members Should Know  

The FCC’s National Broadband Map has been out for more than a week and individual consumers, local governments, service providers, and other entities interested in maintaining the map’s accuracy have a limited time to file challenges before the next, updated version. NRTC staff has compiled a list of next steps for map challengers.

The Broadband Map is Out; Let the Challenges Begin

After years of public dissatisfaction with FCC broadband availability maps based on census block data, the FCC today unveiled more granular maps with door-to-door data. But all admit this first-draft map is flawed. The FCC will spend the next several months accepting challenges to the map’s data to make it adequate for broadband support programs.

Ideas for Co-op BEAD Program Preparations

NRTC’s Teresa Ferguson recently led a CFC-sponsored webcast with some advice for co-ops interested in the Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD) program. She emphasized the need to build relationships with the state authorities who will be accepting BEAD applications for funding broadband projects. She also said to be sure to provide the state and FCC accurate broadband availability data to ensure that each state gets an adequate amount of funding.

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