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Project Management

NRTC’s project team is PMI/PMP trained and certified, bringing over 210 years of experience to our members.100% of our projects are aligned with organizational and member goals. The team prides itself on deliverables arriving on time more than 90% of the time with a 92% acceptance rate. Open risks and issues are dealt with proactively and are closed within two weeks on average. This team is dedicated to long-term member goals, building a strong business structure, and aiding in project execution from inception through closeout as well as ongoing operation.   

  • Get boots on the ground quickly and efficiently.  
  • Enable and/or perform Field collections.  
  • Supervise all field work done by contractors.   
  • Ensure complete quality control.  
  • Conduct accurate timely invoice verification 

Cooperative Project & Construction Management   
  • Create and execute a full and comprehensive plan for your project.  
  • Set up a complete schedule of events: Create and manage a master plan with more than 3000 entries.  
  • Pro-actively manage major milestones.   
  • Keep your project on track and on budget: Build a network to fulfill YOUR territory’s unique needs  
  • Coordinate all elements of the project: Identify who will do what.  
  • Identify all resources required for a successful project.  
  • Manage project changes and pro-actively reduce risk.  

Project & Construction Management Key Benefits
  • We are a cooperative: We sit on the same side of the table as our members. Our motives are pure. Bring in the best project at the most efficient cost.  
  • Our project managers are assigned for the duration of the project: We will help train and transfer necessary knowledge as part of the process.  
  • We only bill for actual service hours: You only pay for what you use.  
  • We help you save money on make ready: Our experience enables you to make only changes that are necessary. What’s required versus over kill.  
  • We help you manage your material purchases. No waste, no overbuy, no excess inventory.  

Why Choose NRTC?

There are many providers out there who can help you develop, deploy and maintain your broadband network. But NRTC is different.

We understand that every network is unique, and there is no “one-size fits all” solution. We don’t have a specific network we’re trying to sell—we help you explore all available options to understand the potential affects each one can have on your business.

What’s more, NRTC is organized as a cooperative. That means that we are not driven by profit, but rather the long-term success of our members.


The Latest Broadband News

2022 Annual Report Describes Building the Dream Technology Project

NRTC today released its 2022 Annual Report featuring CEO Tim Bryan’s analysis of the past several years. NRTC has consciously moved to bring more expertise in-house to help members build communications networks that closely match their individual needs. The report also includes a look back at some of the highlights of 2022, which included moves to bring more experts in house and to introduce new technologies and services. An email to all NRTC members earlier today has a link to the report and full 2022 financial results.
Viasat-3 Liftoff on April 30

Viasat-3 Launches, Increases Satellite Broadband Capacity

After numerous delays—ranging from the coronavirus, to supply chain concerns and lastly unfavorable weather—Viasat had a successful launch of its Viasat-3 broadband satellite on Sunday, April 30, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Dana Taylor Brings Industry Knowledge as NRTC Broadband Solutions President

Dana Taylor, former VP, Merger Planning for T-Mobile, is joining NRTC as its new president, Broadband Solutions. To date, NRTC has led and supported members in 60 broadband network construction projects covering more than a million rural homes. Taylor will lead a staff of 150 Broadband Solutions employees after having led several construction, engineering, operations and financial projects during his career.

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