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Deliver True Broadband to Your Most Remote Customers

We help you bring the fastest, satellite-delivered broadband service to your customers. Our long-standing relationship with Viasat means you can offer their new service—unique among satellite offerings—providing competitive speeds and unlimited* bandwidth.

Satellite Complements Other Technologies

If you offer DSL, wireless or other broadband technologies, satellite complements those by allowing you to reach even your most remote customers in places where those other technologies don’t pencil out. Even if you have already deployed or are considering deploying fiber, satellite can be a valuable part of your build-out strategy. 

You can offer fiber or other wireline solutions in parts of your territory where that build out makes economic sense—like in small cities, towns and other areas where customers are clustered. Your wireless build-out can cover areas where population density is lower with satellite filling the gap by covering customers furthest from your broadband plant.

A Better Technology and Business Opportunity

Viasat’s service offers new, faster connections, with speeds available in packages of 12, 25 and 30/50 and plans with unlimited* monthly data. In some areas, 100 Mbps plans are available. The service also offers a new modem with integrated WiFi, so your customers can enjoy high-speed, wireless connections through their homes and businesses, on all their devices.

But the service is more than just technology. Our agreement with Viasat gives you the flexibility and control to do the things you do best as a local provider—leverage your local brand, manage initial customer experience and provide on-going customer care. You maintain complete pricing control of the service, and you can brand the offering to your organization.

*During times of congestion, subscriber data may be prioritized behind other customers once certain usage inflection points have been reached. Plans and speeds vary by ZIP code and may not be available in all areas.

The Satellite Industry is Big, We Keep it Local

Since our founding, it has been our job to deliver advanced satellite services to our members and the communities they serve. But you get a lot more than just access to satellite equipment. We ensure that your staff is kept up to date on all of the latest offers, deals, promotions and technical requirements. We provide affordable after-hours support to ensure that your subscribers can always get access to the help they need.

Unique in the industry, we ensure that you are always the first point of contact for your subscribers. They call your local office when they need support. Your local crews are dispatched to consumers' home for technical assistance. It's even your company's name on the monthly bill. We keep satellite local.

Learn more about how we can help manage your network