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We Take Care of Your Customers Like You Would Yourself

Whether you’re looking to supplement your technical support, expand it to nights and weekends, or completely outsource it, NRTC’s highly-trained, U.S. based call center agents will take care of your customers like you would yourself, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Fully Branded Support Experience

Our support team acts as an extension of your team, and your customers will be greeted and treated just as if they were calling into your office. Upon receiving a call, email, or chat, agents immediately see your customized greeting, any special instructions you’ve provided, equipment specifications and troubleshooting steps, customer information, and much more. You can even create messages for your customers to listen to while in queue to alert them about upcoming specials or events.

Built to Satisfy Customers

Phone, live chat, and email support: With the added convenience of live chat and email support, customers can get support however they prefer.

Time-saving callback feature: Customers can request a call-back, and the system will hold their place in queue as they go about their day instead of waiting on hold.

Outage notifications: Customers can be greeted with member-specific notifications regarding service issues when calling in, so they get information faster and more efficiently than ever before.  

Low hold times, high first call resolution: Our highly trained staff, efficient processes, and state-of-the-art technology ensure your customers will get the support they need quickly, increasing their satisfaction while reducing your truck rolls.

Anytime support: Customers use your services 24×7. Why not support them 24×7? With NRTC support solutions, your customers can call, email, or chat any time they need help. The result? They get to be back up and running more quickly. You get to have happier customers.

Scalability, Worry-Free Service

With NRTC handling your support needs, you don’t need to worry about managing resources and unpredictable costs for office space, tools and software, staffing, training, system security, data management, and other issues related to maintaining your own technical support center. And as you grow your business, NRTC’s help desk services will scale with your needs, eliminating troublesome staffing, customer satisfaction, and budgeting issues.

Efficient Processes, Effective People

NRTC strives to hire the kind of people that you would want to hire yourself. Each member of our entirely U.S. based support staff is fully trained when they first come on board, with ongoing training sessions to reinforce and enhance their skillset. Our dedicated, experienced agents and battle-tested processes mean we can offer high first-call resolutions, minimized hold times during peaks and outages, reduced call lengths, virtually unlimited call handling capabilities, and the ability to cross-sell and up-sell.

Robust Reporting and Transparency

You can access all of the information about your customers’ calls, including real-time wallboards with live call info, average hold times, call topics and resolution percentage. At any time, you can pull calls to listen to the conversations between your customers and our agents. Satisfaction data is available as soon as a call is resolved and your customer completes the survey.

Wi-Fi Support & Identi-Fi

From Wi-Fi setup through ongoing use, our Wi-Fi experts are available to provide your customers with a premium Wi-Fi experience. Our DirectCONNECT tool allows for remote access to customers networks so we can troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues remotely. Plus, our Identi-Fi app allows for quick analysis of the home or office network. This helps by increasing customer satisfaction and reducing truck rolls. 

Identi-Fi is a multi-use Wi-Fi analysis app that helps customers (and support technicians) determine Wi-Fi strength and where the connection may be lagging. Among many other uses, Identi-Fi can create a heat map telling you where the Wi-Fi connection is strongest in your customers homes. Identi-Fi helps technicians have better insight into customer’s wireless situation and allows them to make better recommendations or give advice on how to help.

Premium Technical Support

TotalTech Premium: TotalTech Premium provides your residential customers with a quick fix for common issues so that they can enjoy their technology. Via toll-free phone and chat our U.S.-based technical support team will provide a free diagnosis and remotely connect to your customers’ devices to resolve virtually any technology issue. Whether your customer needs to set up a new computer, have a virus removed or just get their technology to work as it was intended, our team is always available to provide support either as a one-time service or a monthly subscription.

TotalTech Professional: Whether it’s an issue sharing files, difficulties with wireless network configurations or a computer tune-up your business customers will find relief from numerous office technology problems with TotalTech Professional. Available as a one-time service or a monthly subscription, TotalTech Professional provides your customers with a quick fix for common issues so they can focus on the job at hand. 

With friendly, U.S.-based technicians available 24|7|365 via chat, web or phone, let us diagnose and remotely connect to your customer’s devices to resolve virtually any technology issue.

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