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Grid Intelligence

Grid, Heal Thyself

While smart grid assets yield an abundance of data, the challenge for today’s rural utilities remains knowing how to turn that information into lower costs, more revenue, and greater network reliability.

NRTC offers a variety of grid intelligence solutions because we know that no two electric cooperatives are the same. Some prefer to manage all aspects of the grid for their operations center, while others embrace programs that engage their residential member-consumers and/or C&I customers. And, some want a comprehensive program that incorporates both approaches.

Regardless of each member’s situation and preference, NRTC’s goal is the same – to help you enhanced grid reliability, efficiency, sustainability through innovative technology tools that integrate with your existing infrastructure.

Distributed Energy Resources

In a world where supply and demand are unpredictable and potentially out of your control, the key to balance is harnessing data to flex with the ebb and flow of energy. NRTC works with AutoGrid to give electric cooperative members the energy industry’s first truly integrated flexibility management suite.

Comprehensive. Network-centric approach allows you to extract maximum value across the entire portfolio of energy resources.

Customer-centric. Personalized, value-based experience increases satisfaction, retention and integration of customer-owned assets.

Predictive controls. Predict and control millions of energy resources in real time, powered by energy data science and big data speed and scale.

Fast. Modular, configurable SaaS architecture, rich APIs and open standards allow rapid deployments.

Demand Management For Your Largest Loads

An electric utility’s commercial and industrial (C&I) customers represent an important part of their load profile.

Through our partnership with PowerSecure, a part of the Southern Company, NRTC can help our co-op members provide a tangible demand management to these valuable customers –leveraging back-up generation to meet back-up power requirements and avoid high-cost power and demand charges. 

Best of all, it does so by leveraging assets the C&I customer already has in place

The Next Generation of Water Heater Control

Our water heater management solution provides convenience and intelligence so that consumers save money and enjoy hot water available whenever they need it. The system does more than securely monitor hot water usage and employ cost-saving demand management. It transforms the water heater into a grid storage asset that absorbs variations in renewable output, responds to real-time changes in energy costs, and supports distribution reliability. Consumers come out ahead when time-of-use pricing is available, with average annual savings of $100 to $150 per device. The package includes internet-connected devices for water heaters and an easy-to-use system management software platform.

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