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Volt-VAR Optimization

From our partner, DVI, the EDGE system uses data from advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) networks, SCADA and other sensory networks to implement voltage management in the most cost-effective manner. It adds measurement-based intelligence and volt/VAR control to enhance existing systems and yield substantial savings. Other potential benefits NRTC members could realize through the EDGE suite:

  • Circuit-by-circuit analysis to calculate future energy savings;
  • Autonomous control adapting to dynamic system changes and limiting the need for utility staff to intervene, and
  • Post-event measurement and verification providing valuable data reports, such as energy savings and demand reduction.

NRTC turns to the voltage management system from DVI as it maps out the best long-term, comprehensive smart grid solutions for its members. DVI’s EDGE software provides immediate energy savings while assisting utilities with managing broader voltage performance requirements for years into the future.


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