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Planning for Launch and Beyond

Toledo Telephone knows “one size does not fit all” when it comes to providing broadband to their customers. So, they found satellite technology to be a good solution for those households where fiber did not pencil out.

However, it’s sometimes a challenge to promote satellite – based on the niche market and competition from national providers and aggressive dealers. For Toledo, NRTC’s market support has been a big help.

Since launching its Exede satellite offering in 2012, NRTC has provided $4.1 million in subscriber acquisition cost (SAC) subsidies and advertising and marketing support to its members. This investment bolsters members’ business models and helps them stay competitive.

Toledo uses these funds to market satellite broadband but also to eliminate the up-front cost and subsidize the monthly price for consumers. This has enabled Toldeo to reach more households with broadband.

Now Toldeo is looking forward to the new satellite and continued marketing support from NRTC so they can upgrade customers to an enhanced broadband service. 

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