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We'll Work through the Night to Keep the Lights On

Talk about bad timing...NRTC’s AMI solutions partner Sensus performed a software upgrade to their meters on the same day that a major storm rolled through Metter, Georgia – the home of Exclesior EMC. To make matters worse, the upgrade loaded default settings rather than Excelsior’s specific MultiSpeak settings.

As a result, Exclesior’s Outage Management System (OMS) went crazy – predicting and posting false outages, which tied up the co-op’s staff. They didn’t understand what was going on or how to stop it.

Exclesior knew that the chances of getting someone from their AMI vendor to respond after hours were slim, so they called NRTC, hoping a co-op person could help. And we did – at 10:40 p.m. 

We determined the cause of the problem and shut down the OMS alerts so that Excelsior could go to work responding to outages rather than working on a broken OMS alert system. That meant that Excelsior’s staff could go home at 1 a.m. rather than 4 or 5 a.m.

The next day, we worked with the vendor to load the proper settings. It was sunny with no rain.

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