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Systems for an Efficient Rural Electric Cooperative

Utility - powerlines

NRTC’s goal is to amass the right combination of technologies to assist all functions within a rural distribution cooperative. NRTC solutions make life easier for linemen in the field, technicians remotely monitoring systems or the manager planning deployment and financing.


Smart Grid

Wireless advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is a powerful tool for cooperatives gathering data rapidly and efficiency from all corners of their service areas. Accurate, real-time data helps provide better and more affordable service to the customer and to avoid outages. When outages do occur, NRTC field management solutions ensure the fastest possible resolution.

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Advanced Analytics

The modern utility gathers data from numerous sources – AMI, SCADA, meter data management systems, distribution automation, outage management, vehicle location systems, workforce management, GIS mapping, and many more. NRTC has the tools to ensure that these systems interoperate successfully and produce worthwhile information.

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Smart Communications

From the utility office to the substations to utility poles to each customer’s household, the rural electric cooperative has several hundred square miles to cover. Co-ops need reliable communications between devices in all these far-flung places. NRTC has a wide variety of licensed wireless solutions to link them all smoothly. It can provide the radios, the wireless network management expertise and construction assistance that makes it all work.

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Advanced Energy

All segments of current American society have shown interest in alternative energy. NRTC in recent years has gathered significant information and experience with solar generation technologies that work well in rural communities. At the same time, it has the software tools to help everyone from the largest commercial and industrial facility to the individual household control electricity consumption.

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Stay Alert: Changes in Federal Clean Power Policy

The Supreme Court may have dealt a blow to the EPA's Clean Power Plan, but don't let your guard down.

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Fiber and Electric Co-Ops

What are electric cooperatives doing in the fiber arena? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

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