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Advanced Analytics


Turning Raw Data Into a Refined Utility Asset

NRTC’s Smart Grid Solutions generate a wealth of data in cooperatives’ utility offices. Cooperatives are moving from polling all the meters they serve once a month to now many times a day. The next step is to assemble the software tools to analyze the data quickly and turn the results into immediate action or the basis of long-term strategic and maintenance planning. It all enhances the cooperative member experience.

Advanced analytics is about solving problems, improving processes and making better decisions. At any given time, there could be multiple electric elements in the field in danger of failing, causing power outages and, in the extreme, causing property damage.

More data than ever is pouring into the cooperative at a faster rate, in higher volume from many sources: AMI, SCADA, meter data management systems, distribution automation, outage management, vehicle location systems, workforce management, GIS mapping, accounting systems, customer information and demand response systems.

The utility with a solid analytics platform will manage the flood of numbers and go beyond utility reliability and maintenance. The technology is leading us to a future of automated, smart communities.

Scalable Solutions

Analytics tools affordably fit utilities of all sizes.

NRTC offers a wide range of software options that scale to the needs of G&Ts, distribution cooperatives and other utilities. Even greater efficiencies follow when distribution cooperatives share the same analytics systems with generation and transmission utilities to create better regional communication and control of the entire process from end to end.

It’s the sort of control that makes a difference when bad weather hits or when cooperatives work together on wholesale transactions and other complex operations.

Speaking the Same Language

A key to success while deploying analytics systems and processing huge amounts of data is ensuring that all of the many parts work together. All the automated systems must speak to each other.

NRTC’s advanced analytic system partners build MultiSpeak® compatibility into their solutions. At the same time, NRTC’s talented staff is developing additional MultiSpeak®-based systems to create still more enhanced system interoperability and data security.

The Ability to Predict Power Outages

With the right data tools, utilities can prevent outages and identify points of risk. 

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