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Advanced Energy


New Approaches Stimulate Innovation

To be member-driven is to be forward-looking. NRTC concentrates on serving its members by filling current needs and anticipating the future. Alternative energy sources are becoming commonplace in many regions. Regardless of the energy source, consumers want greater control over how much electricity they use. Technology in these fields is developing at an amazing pace.

Conservation, whether it is to preserve the environment or to lower costs, is a societal goal for utilities, the government and individual citizens. NRTC has been analyzing the economics of alternative energy and has invested in photovoltaic technology solutions for several years. It has reached the point where many cooperatives can realize solid economic advantages by choosing new approaches. Recent studies show that one in seven cooperatives already have begun building or planning solar projects. Surveys also find that rural households would like to purchase solar energy from their local electric cooperative. As energy storage technology matures, the economics of solar generation improve even more. The future could be leading to an era of commodity-priced alternative energy.

Solar Fit for Every Cooperative

Flexibility is the central feature of NRTC’s solar solutions. NRTC has solutions for a broad range of co-op requirements – from rooftops for commercial and industrial customers to community solar garden to multi-megawatt systems for distribution coops and G&Ts. NRTC and our partners regularly deliver systems across a range of ownership structures, including Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC)  leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  

Demand Response Saves Money

The cooperative’s customers want more control over their electric consumption, whether they are large industrial facilities or individual households. Large farms, for example, use great quantities of water and electricity to irrigate their fields. NRTC can provide the platform for cooperatives and farmers to work together to ensure the most cost-effective operation. The same goes for home owners who want to avoid using air conditioners, water heaters and other costly appliances during peak electric usage hours.

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