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Smart Communications


Maximizing Your Grid through Communications

What good is the latest and greatest smart grid technologies if they can’t talk to each other? Everything electric cooperatives do with data would not be possible without a robust communications network.

In most cases, old communications systems cannot provide enough bandwidth for your growing data needs. With so many technologies out there, making decisions on which way to go can be daunting.

Different Solutions for Different Needs

Modern electric cooperatives use many different communications technologies to support a variety of applications including smart meters, distribution management system, distribution automation, demand response, asset management and meter data management.

We have a long history in data communications and can help you determine which solution is the best and most cost effective for you.

A Multi-Technology Approach

We provide multi-vendor, multiple technology solutions for members because we understand each member’s communications needs are different, and that one size does not fit all. In fact, in most cases, the best solution will be a multiple technology approach.  

We can provide licensed and unlicensed microwave, fiber, LTE, UHF, VHF or satellite solutions that can be deployed with or without fiber optics for a cost effective I/P network

Spectrum for Lease or Partition

NRTC holds spectrum assets in the 220-222MHz spectrum band in various areas of the country which is available for lease or partition.  220Mhz spectrum is ideally suited for a number of communications applications including utility operations, SCADA, demand response, AMR, private radio, and positive train control systems where long runs, particularly in rural areas, are needed to ensure reliable connectivity and communications capability. 

NRTC has significant experience in the analysis and design of wireless communications networks and solutions across a number of technologies and spectrum bands from AMI solutions to microwave based middle mile and last mile private radio systems.  NRTC can also support Fiber backbone, loop and last mile systems to support a wide variety of utility situations.  

Dealing with Natural Disasters

How we're aiming to help the electric cooperative community when things don't go as planned.

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Wireless Links for the Smart Grid

Licensed frequencies for narrowband applications are cost-effective and reliable. 

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