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Smart Grid


The Best Technology for Utilities, the Best Service for Everyone

Meter technologies have transformed electric utilities over the last two decades. Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) gives utility managers a window into how and where its customers are using electricity and the information they need to avoid outages. When outages do occur, real-time communications between the utility and field staff ensure the swiftest path to energy restoration.

The result is reliable power to the rural homes NRTC members serve. But there are additional benefits to electricity users. Utility data refreshed several times a day enhances utility/energy-user communications through social media, business analysis, public awareness campaigns, and other features. Managed services further improve electric cooperatives’ options.

For example, cooperatives could choose not to build AMI infrastructure, but pay to have electric usage reports in their service areas. Or the utility could own the infrastructure, but contract with NRTC partners to handle network maintenance and management. With the best technology and the right business plan for the utility, the community comes out ahead.

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NRTC’s Meter Approach

NRTC and its industry partners build flexible communications systems to fit members’ specific AMI requirements. We can integrate a wide range of utility meters into networks that connect user homes and businesses. Whether the utility chooses a wireline, fixed wireless or mesh links, NRTC can configure the right advanced data communications.


Technical Expertise

NRTC and its partners have the experts on staff to work with cooperatives and design the most efficient network. Then it offers the software tools that allow the cooperative to keep track of all its technical and human assets in the field.

Workforce management systems linked to each utility vehicle can be money-saving for regular maintenance schedules and crucial tools when recovering from a hurricane or other natural disaster.

NRTC also can provide GPS navigators for every utility vehicle integrated with the cooperative’s GIS data for instant location of all network elements.

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