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Flexible Solutions for Rural Communities

America is hooked on mobile communications. Mobile phone users now outnumber those using landline phones. Consumers are used to having instant Internet access wherever they are. Many businesses are increasingly dependent on wireless data apps. These solutions are harder to assemble in rural areas, but NRTC has the know-how to build wireless affordably.


Mobile Voice and Data

NRTC members are providing 4G LTE service in many very remote parts of the nation. They are selling their customers smartphones and tablets. But they have never had to build a single mile of costly wireless infrastructure. Thanks to Telispire, rural providers can serve their communities efficiently and affordably.

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Some rural businesses need mobile apps – vehicle location and workforce management capabilities. Others, including electric utilities, need to be able to monitor and collect data from fixed sites in real time. NRTC can build solutions for rural industrial processes.

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Tending the Fields – from Home

Farmers have been using GPS to cut more efficient rows for decades. Find out how wireless is transforming irrigation.

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No Surprise: Mobile Data Increases in Popularity

There has already been one wireless device per person in the US since 2013. Guess when it will be two devices per person? Sooner than you think.

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