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The Affordable Way to Offer 4G LTE in Rural America

Wireless voice and data is a costly business. You must acquire spectrum, build out the wireless network, negotiate interconnection agreements with other wireless providers, and get wholesale access to mobile devices. Rural wireless providers have large regions to cover but low population densities. There is a solution.

NRTC subsidiary Telispire is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It negotiates with national wireless providers to resell capacity on their networks. NRTC members join Telispire and sell the mobile services to their home subscribers at competitive rates. Members can build their own branded businesses and develop their own pricing, marketing and business strategies. They can offer smartphones and tablets operating on 4G LTE technology. Or they can appeal to industrial clients working with automated data solutions. The freedom is all there to build the business a rural community needs without the cost of network construction.

Turnkey Approach for a Complete Solution

Telispire does much more than resell wireless capacity. NRTC members get the full benefit of marketing assistance from Telispire’s talented staff to help promote wireless services to the local community. Members get access to wholesale mobile phones and other devices that do not require the huge volumes national networks require. Perhaps best of all, Telispire has a state of the art back office system to assist members with billing, accounting and device activation.

Unique Scenarios, a Flexible Solution

Each rural market has its own characteristics and business challenges. A rural telephone company serving the bayous of Louisiana built its own mobile facilities, but found it hard to increase subscribers when national carriers charged high interconnection fees.  A telco serving a very remote part of South Dakota did not have the resources and customer base to build and maintain its own wireless infrastructure. An MVNO solution was the answer in both cases, especially a Telispire MVNO solution with special emphasis on rural issues.

NRTC Wireless Subsidiary Honored

Telispire received  a 2016 Visionary Spotlight Award for its service to rural and underserved markets. 

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