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The technology solutions we research and create keep rural America connected while fulfilling the unique business and consumer needs of our members' communities.

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Mapping Is a Central Issue as Commission Announces 5G Fund
The FCC yesterday signaled that it is ready to support 5G mobile network expansion into rural areas sooner rather than later. It announced plans for a $9 billion, 10-year “5G Fund.” The universal service program would replace more 4G-focused Mobility Fund Phase-II program. Like MF-II, th...


Jim DaBramo to Lead NRTC’s Member-Focused Broadband Efforts
November 21, 2019 — NRTC named James (Jim) DaBramo as president of its Broadband Solutions division (formerly Pulse Communications), effective Jan. 6, 2020. Jim comes to NRTC from LICT Corporation, an integrated provider of broadband, voice, video and wireless services, where he oversaw the o...
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