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Marketing Essentials Toolkit

Custom-built marketing and CX are great, but sometimes you need materials at a moment’s notice. That’s why NRTC provides a marketing essentials toolkit for all premium customers.

Your handy toolkit includes:

  • Marketing Collateral: Access hundreds of ready-made marketing materials. Quickly customize for your brand and have professional materials in minutes. 
    • Educational Content: Empower your customers with educational materials, including whiteboard videos and handouts.  You’ll reduce support calls and increase customer satisfaction.Email Marketing Software: Reach your target audience with a professional email marketing platform. Get access to email templates, analytics, A/B testing, and more. Plus—your NRTC Customer Advocate will provide software training.
    • Social Media Support: Amplify your social media presence and solidify your expert status. We’ll supply you with regular social media content and educational tech blog posts. 


NRTC Adds Pivot Proficiencies to Build Rural Connections

NRTC members building broadband businesses using NRTC’s many services now have access to the nearly 20 years of marketing and consulting services that Pivot has provided to rural telecommunications organizations.


The Latest Marketing News

Pivot Joins Forces With CrowdFiber for Full Broadband Labeling Suite

Two NRTC companies, Pivot and CrowdFiber announced that they are working together to provide a full suite of Broadband Consumer Labels services. Pivot will add employee training and regulatory consulting services to the label generating and archiving system CrowdFiber developed last year. ISPs are required to display labels with broadband service data beginning in 2024. NRTC demonstrated Broadband Consumer Labels at its RTIME booth in Tampa.

NTCA and Other Groups Seek Rural Broadband Tax Relief

Groups representing rural broadband providers are urging House and Senate Committees considering tax legislation to pass the proposed “Broadband Grant Tax Treatment Act,” which would make grants from Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) and other federal programs nontaxable income. They are asking legislators to attach the broadband provisions to the more comprehensive “Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act,” which the House Ways and Means Committee passed last week.
CrowdFiber Broadband Labeling App Offers Solution for ISPs of All Sizes

CrowdFiber Broadband Labeling App Offers Solution for ISPs of All Sizes

NRTC will feature a demonstration of the Broadband Consumer Labels application that CrowdFiber introduced in late 2023 during the coming RTIME Expo in Tampa (NRTC booth #301). The demo will show how to quickly generate and print out stickers with ISP service data for point-of-sale locations. The first labeling deadline for ISPs with more than 100,000 subscribers is coming in April 2024. The deadline for smaller ISPs is in October. CrowdFiber will emphasize the app’s usefulness to ISPs of all sizes. NRTC is planning a similar demonstration for the March TechAdvantage Expo in San Antonio (booth #1449).

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