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Network Engineering

Every network is different—and so are our solutions. NRTC’s inside plant network engineers work side-by-side with you to determine the services and technologies that will best suit your business and connectivity needs of today and tomorrow. As a co-operative, we do far more than design and build networks; we partner with our members to build lasting infrastructure that enables rural communities to grow and thrive. 

Partnership you can count on

Our role as your trusted advisor is one we cherish. As network engineers, we do the technical heavy-lifting to enable the services—fiber broadband, smart grid connectivity, and more—you plan to offer your community. Part educators, part engineers, we guide you through every decision, offering experienced counsel and ensuring every choice supports your long-term goals and provides the best value to your total cost of ownership.  

Your network will last for generations—it’s our job to ensure that the technologies we deploy today will meet the needs of your community for years to come. 

Network design that gives you choice

Many broadband engineering companies offer quick, formulaic solutions through their vendor of choice. NRTC does not. As a cooperative specializing in rural network builds, we’ve found that cookie-cutter solutions—while often simpler—rarely meet the long-term needs of our members and require expensive updates soon after the initial build. 

Our approach is tailored to suit the specific requirements of your business and community. Our engineers sit at the table with you to discuss your vision and design solutions that bring it to life. We partner with multiple vendors and manufacturers—vetted to meet the highest industry standards—to meet your budget, goals, and connectivity needs. While these decisions take time, the result is a unique network capable of supporting long-term growth. 

The power of integration

NRTC’s network engineers work in conjunction with all departments, providing holistic support from feasibility through deployment. Working together, we’re able to coordinate our efforts to design and deliver the best outcomes for our members and their communities.  In the end, what you get is more than a well-designed network. Our greatest value lies in helping you build a lasting business—one that positions your community for long-term success. 


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USTelecom recently released its 2022 Broadband Capex Report finding that broadband providers invested $102.4 billion in construction of broadband connections last year. That was the highest expenditure since 2001, according to the report. The association collected data from major carriers, but not from small telcos, electric co-ops, or satellite providers. The report estimates those entities would amount to “no less than $2 billion” in additional capex.

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NRTC Adds Pivot Proficiencies to Build Rural Connections

NRTC has acquired The Pivot Group LLC, known as broadband’s leading marketing and customer experience agency. With nearly 20 years of experience providing marketing research and strategy, branding, web development and other services to rural clients, Pivot’s goals and talents fit well with NRTC’s efforts to help members build plan, finance, build and operate broadband networks. Other NRTC members not involved in broadband also will benefit from Pivot services.

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