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Subscriber Services

Here at NRTC, we understand that your customers are the most important part of your business. That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive set of products and services to help you complete your portfolio. From feature-rich, easy-to-use email to robust computer and server cybersecurity protection, we make it easy for you to provide the services your customers need and want while generating opportunities for you to diversify and grow your revenue. 

residential email

NRTC offers Zimbra, a powerful browser-based email system and platform for ISPs. Zimbra provides a comprehensive webmail service that also integrates with the user’s account, while NRTC fully supports both administrators and end-users. 

Robust Email with Spam and Virus Protection: With Zimbra’s feature-rich, customizable interface, your customers will have all the tools they need to manage their email in one easy-to-use platform. Vade Secure, integrated with the Zimbra email interface, is an advanced email filtering service that processes 100 billion emails daily to reduce spam and phishing attempts.  

Complete Productivity Suite: The calendar tool allows customers to record, manage and share events so that tasks and appointments are never lost or forgotten. The Contacts list allows them to store, organize and share essential information about the people who matter most. And with Zimbra’s file storage and sharing features, your customers never have to worry about losing vital files and folders. 

Access from Anywhere, on Any Device: Customers can access all their most important productivity tools on-the-go through any mobile browser. 

TechShield / TechShield Professional 

TechShield: TechShield provides consumers with complete protection for their technology, online accounts, files, photos and devices. Available in two plans, the base package includes protection and security for five computers and five mobile devices as well as a password manager and cloud backup. TechShield Support includes everything in the base package plus additional cloud backup and 24x7x365 remote premium technical support. Services include virus and spyware removal, software installations, computer software and system repair and much more. TechShield allows you to provide a complete technology solution, with protection and support, for your residential customers.  

TechShield Professional: TechShield Professional is a security software suite and productivity solution developed to meet the needs of your business customers. This plan includes advanced endpoint security, password management and cloud backup. Endpoint security is available for computers, servers and mobile devices. TechShield Professional Support includes everything in the Professional package plus 24x7x365 remote premium technical support. Installation assistance is provided to ensure optimal setup and ease for ongoing use. Help businesses in your community protect themselves from the evolving and growing number of cyberattacks.  

app portal

NRTC’s brandable Application Portal opens a new world of opportunity for you and your customers. 

Customizable Interface: With custom messages and marketing advertisements, you can create an open line of communication between you and your customers. The App Portal allows your customers to organize their applications and gadgets as well as purchase and self-provision new applications when you make them available. 

Self-Help Account Management and Password Recovery: Your customers can manage their account settings and profile information, reducing support calls and increasing customer satisfaction. And if they forget their password, they can reset it quickly and securely. 

Easy Access to Customer Support: You can provide information and links to a support number, email and chat so your customers can quickly get help for your services.


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NRTC Managed Services staff will be in attendance at NTCA’s RTIME in February. Click the link below to schedule a meeting.


The Latest Managed Services News

2022 Annual Report Describes Building the Dream Technology Project

NRTC today released its 2022 Annual Report featuring CEO Tim Bryan’s analysis of the past several years. NRTC has consciously moved to bring more expertise in-house to help members build communications networks that closely match their individual needs. The report also includes a look back at some of the highlights of 2022, which included moves to bring more experts in house and to introduce new technologies and services. An email to all NRTC members earlier today has a link to the report and full 2022 financial results.

CEO Tim Bryan: “We Have to Build Solutions”

During his speech to the NRTC Annual Meeting earlier this week, CEO Tim Bryan focused on the in-house expertise that is now available to help members meet the current generation of technology challenges. “Whatever it takes for you to evaluate, build and manage a network is what we’re doing at NRTC,” he said. He gave specific examples of broadband, smart grid, mobile and internet products and services that go beyond NRTC’s capabilities of a decade ago. To meeting those challenges, “we have to build solutions,” he said.

Rosenworcel Warns of Vulnerabilities as 5G Changes Modern Communications

During a speech the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel outlined the activities the FCC currently is doing to improve cyber security. “We are doing a lot—in fact, right now the agency is doing more to address network security than at any point in its history,” she said.

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