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SEI Fiber Installation in Indiana
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Most of NRTC’s members were created to do what no one else would. An electric cooperative that brought light to rural communities more than a half century ago. A telephone cooperative or independent telephone company that delivered valuable connectivity.

Our members make an impact on their communities and consumers in hundreds of ways – both big and small. The technologies they deliver. The investments they make. The resources they provide. The economic development they empower. The employment opportunities they offer.

Sometimes, our members shy away from telling these stories. They’re just “doing their job.” After all, it’s what they were created to do.

But, to the people and places that benefit from their efforts, it means so much more. It changes lives. It creates opportunity. It provides hope. In many ways, it allows people to live in the communities they love without wanting for anything.

NRTC is proud to share their stories and honored to be a part of their technology journey.

Member story

Project to Bring Broadband to Rural Vermont Wins Grants

Two grants totaling more than $16 million to support broadband construction projects. Most of the support – $15,899,089 – goes to the Communications Union District serving the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) to carry on a project connecting 45 rural towns in three counties to fiber broadband. 

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