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Smart Grid

We bring smart grid and communications together to help you make informed decisions and implement efficient, cost-effective solutions through technology planning, demand response, distributed generation, advanced metering and more. 

Technology Planning
Investing in replacement technologies for grid infrastructure requires careful planning. Decisions made when replacing systems such as AMI, LMR, or SCADA will impact your options for future technology and your ability to meet changing energy demands.
AMI and Grid Communications
NRTC has deployed nearly 3.5 million AMI endpoints, using a variety of technologies and solutions. We continuously assess the marketplace to make sure we’re offering the best metering solutions. Our team of experts can help you analyze your current situation and determine the approach that best meets both your current needs and long-term strategic plan.
Solar, Storage and Wind
Cooperative utilities are responsible for meeting a continually growing demand for energy. Managing costs has become challenging with load growth, peak demand periods, aging power plants and intermittent production of renewable energy.
Microgrids and Resiliency
Fully integrated distributed energy solutions to help businesses, asset managers and utility operators control their costs and minimize their environmental impact. Expert engineers design every energy system in-house — from autonomous microgrids to emergency backup power to end-to-end energy efficiency improvements.
Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)
NRTC offers an effective, affordable software solution to control distributed energy resources throughout the electric distribution chain. AutoGrid, a leading provider of Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software, has developed the Flex platform with tools to control and/or reduce kw demand for maximum efficiency during peak demand events.
Volt-VAR Optimization
Smart Grids help you bring reliable power to the rural homes you serve. With improved communication thanks to a faster flow of data with advanced metering infrastructures (AMI), you’ll know how and where your customers are using electricity. This knowledge reduces outages, gets power back online faster when outages do occur, and helps you run a more efficient utility.
Federal and State governments are unleashing a tidal wave of grant funding programs to bridge the digital divide. Our funding experts can help you build a competitive, sustainable, low-risk business plan to win funding and provide a better life for your community.

Suwannee Valley Begins AMI Project

RTC and Itron representatives gathered last week in the offices of Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative, Live Oak, FL, to kick off a major advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) project. The multi-year deployment will eventually link about 28,500 electric meters, including more than 27,000 rural residences.


The Latest News in Smart Grid

Hart EMC Completes Innovative Itron Gen5/Meridian Integration

Hart EMC Completes Innovative Itron Gen5/Meridian Integration

In the fall of 2019, Hart EMC, a rural electric utility cooperative located in Hartwell, GA, started an NRTC-led deployment of an Itron Gen5 automated metering infrastructure (AMI) network system.
NRECA Region 1&2 Meeting - 2023

NRTC Enhances Website; Seeking Closer Member Connections

You might have noticed that the NRTC website has a new look these days. We have been adding content and simplifying navigation through the large store of NRTC technology information. NRTC wants members to know how it helps them plan and build out new technologies and manage technology businesses. “Our mission is to be your trusted partner,” CEO Tim Bryan said.
Rural Electric Cooperative Broadband Benchmarking Report - 2022 Refresh

2022 Benchmarking Report Finds Electric Broadband Projects Have Been Successful

NRTC and NRECA worked jointly to produce the Rural Electric Cooperative Broadband Benchmarking Report 2022 Refresh. They surveyed 88 electric cooperatives who have deployed broadband services and gathered stats and insights for cooperatives considering future broadband investments. The report updates a similar report NRTC released in 2020.

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