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Whether it’s carried by fiber, delivered through a wireless connection or beamed from a satellite, NRTC is your key to broadband. We can help you start a network from scratch or optimize the one you currently have. Help you evaluate feasibility and identify funding opportunities. Help you design, build and operate your network. We can help with every aspect of your broadband project.  

We’ll work with you to evaluate, plan, design, and manage the build of a fiber, wireless or hybrid (fiber/wireless) network to bring broadband to homes and businesses requiring high-speed Internet solutions. And, we help you make that project sustainable by supporting your launch and providing essential services critical to your network’s on-going operations. We partner with electric and telephone members across rural America to implement successful broadband projects.   

Building a broadband network is a complex undertaking—and most likely the largest investment made in the communities you serve in generations. NRTC’s team of experts is ready to help you make thoughtful and well-informed decisions when pursuing the creation of your broadband business.
Network Engineering
Every network is different—and so are our solutions. NRTC’s inside plant network engineers work side-by-side with you to determine the services and technologies that will best suit your business and connectivity needs of today and tomorrow. As a co-operative, we do far more than design and build networks; we partner with our members to build lasting infrastructure that enables rural communities to grow and thrive.
Design Solutions
Building a FTTx, wireless, or smart grid network is a generational investment in your community. It’s also a massive undertaking—one you want done right. With industry-leading tools and decades of experience, NRTC is the partner you can lean on to design and deploy a network capable of supporting long-term growth.
The community you serve matters—to you and to us. So, when it comes to acquiring the necessary materials to build and maintain your network, our procurement team leverages their knowledge, experience, and long-standing relationships with key suppliers to ensure you’re well taken care of.
Bundling (Mobile and Video)
Bundling your broadband services with Mobile and streaming video solutions can make your subscribers “stickier” and less likely to leave for another service.

Why Choose NRTC?

There are many providers out there who can help you develop, deploy and maintain your broadband network. But NRTC is different.

We understand that every network is unique, and there is no “one-size fits all” solution. We don’t have a specific network we’re trying to sell—we help you explore all available options to understand the potential effects each one can have on your business.

What’s more, NRTC is organized as a cooperative. That means that we are not driven by profit, but rather the long-term success of our members.


The Latest News and Events

AI: Are You an Accelerationist or a Decelerationist?

NTIA released a policy report concerning artificial intelligence accountability. The report states that the United States must be a leader in AI technology but at the same provides a long list of regulatory recommendations to prevent potential harms. One observer described the debate over AI development as falling into two camps – “accelerationists” and “decelerationists.”
Fiber Spool

Commission Splits Over “Reasonable and Timely” Portion of Section 706 Report

During its monthly agenda meeting, the FCC ruled that broadband services are not reaching Americans in “a reasonable and timely fashion,” in its first Section 706 progress report in three years. It was a partisan 3-2 vote. In the same document, the FCC also raised the broadband benchmark to 100 Mpbs downstream/20 Mbps upstream to match the requirements of federal broadband funding programs.

A Celebration of East Central Energy’s Broadband Ribbon Cutting

Congratulations to NRTC member East Central Energy (ECE) in Braham, MN, which recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of ECE Fiber broadband service. Pictured, ECE Fiber gave a presentation during the ribbon-cutting, including recognition of the many partners participating in the project.

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