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Available Funding Opportunities

On this page you will find several resources created to provide you with the most up to date grant information available. Our interactive Funding Maps provide a real-time view of active broadband and smart grid funding opportunities. Clicking on a state will bring up a list of helpful links, including the state broadband office, state broadband map, and any current or upcoming funding programs

BEAD Funding Opportunities

Challenge Process Open
Application Cycle Open
No Challenge or Application Open

Additional Funding Opportunities

Application Cycle Open
Program Identified, Not Open

expert advice

We’ll help you with every stage of the application process, including evaluating initial project eligibility, preparing your application, maximizing its scoring potential, and assisting with post-award reporting.

Our team has a proven track record of success helping others navigate the complex funding landscape:

  • Helped NRTC members secure millions of dollars of funding for broadband deployment through programs such as:
  • The US Treasury’s Capital Projects Fund (CPF)
  • The FCC’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) reverse auction
  • The Rural Utilities Service’s ReConnect Loan and Grant program
  • Educated rural providers on how to obtain millions of dollars for broadband deployment from state broadband funding programs
  • Assisted state policymakers navigating federal broadband deployment regulations and procedures
  • Worked with rural providers, school districts, municipalities, Tribal nations and others to deploy broadband through the E-rate (Schools & Libraries) and low-income programs 



A Team of Experts to Help Find the Funding Your Project Needs

In response to the high interest in broadband funding throughout government and industry, NRTC has created a Funding Services group to assist members acquire available loans and grants. It is expanding on already extensive experience in the area, including the drive to help rural broadband providers receive funding through last year’s Rural Digital Opportunities Fund (RDOF) reverse auction.

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