Great results can only come from sound beginnings 

We know a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for our members. The technology path that works for one member may not be right for another. We also know that planning is essential when making significant, often generational, technology investments.

Our Broadband Feasibility Studies, Smart Grid Technology Planning and Funding Services are customized for each member based on your realities – service area, financial situation, current infrastructure, demographics and competitive environment.

The result is a meaningful analysis that empowers you make sound decisions. Our experienced team takes the time to review options with you, make recommendations and develop a technology approach that’s best for you.

Planning also helps you see how all the pieces fit together and figure out what’s next. When you build a broadband network, how can it benefit future smart grid applications? When you deploy a mobile voice and data service, what does it mean for your broadband subscriber base?

We see the big picture, and we take the long view because we that’s what a partner should do.

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Project to Bring Broadband to Rural Vermont Wins Grants

Two grants totaling more than $16 million to support broadband construction projects. Most of the support – $15,899,089 – goes to the Communications Union District serving the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) to carry on a project connecting 45 rural towns in three counties to fiber broadband. 

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How We Help Our Members Plan Their Projects

Webinar Recording – Broadband Labels: From Confusion to Compliance

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CrowdFiber Introduces Convenient Broadband Labeling Service

Beginning in 2024, broadband providers will be required by federal regulations to provide consumers with online information describing their prices, speeds, privacy policies and other details. NRTC’s CrowdFiber has released an online tool, “Broadband Consumer Labels,” to help rural broadband providers quickly and efficiently generate the necessary information, display the labels and archive them as well. CrowdFiber’s goal is to offer a one-stop service to cover all necessary broadband labeling requirements.

Be Ready for the Differences Between Broadband and Electric Network Builds

Building broadband networks is very different from the types of construction electric utilities are used to carrying out. A panel of electric co-op managers with broadband experience at a TechAdvantage session offer advice.

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