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Member-Driven: More Than a Tagline

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We live up to our promise to be member-driven and technology-focused. It starts with a staff of experts dedicated to finding the right technologies for rural electric and telephone providers. Our thorough understanding of our members helps us form efficient partnerships with them as we deploy advanced solutions in rural communities.

When you choose NRTC, we’ll work with your team from feasibility to full implementation. Consulting on integration with existing systems and processes, your choice becomes a true “value add” for your entire organization.

But what does Member-Driven really mean? In essence:

We strive to be a partner; not a vendor.

Partnership matters. Vendors sell products; NRTC creates solutions. Expertise to help members evaluate, implement/build, launch and operate. NRTC sees the big picture and is committed to the success of your entire project.

We treat our members as the unique organizations they are.

A “one size fits all” approach does not work for our members. Each member’s situation (service area, financials, competition) is different. So, NRTC develops a customized approach for each member.

Cooperative principles guide everything we do.

We’re guided by a board elected by our members. Our members share in our financial success. We believe in cooperation and information sharing – and even partnerships – among like-minded organizations.

Our mission

NRTC provides solutions that help members bring the advantages of technology to rural America.

Our vision

We will be our members’ most trusted technology partner.

Our values

OUR MEMBERS are our reason for being.

OUR TEAM is the foundation of our success.

OUR PASSION is supporting rural communities.

Get in touch, and let’s get started