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As the saying goes, “you get what your pay for” and while others may offer “bargain” studies, is a low cost “cookie cutter approach” in the best interest of your consumer-members and customers as they make one of the biggest decisions in your cooperative’s history?   

NRTC member-focused feasibility studies are: 

  • Highly Customized: Customized to your specific situation. No “cookie cutter” estimates, it’s a real study. 
  • Explore All Options: You deserve to explore all potential technology and service delivery options for your specific situation. 
  • Delivery Dependable Estimates: We take the time to understand your unique circumstances. This may be the single largest investment your cooperative has ever considered. 
  • Recognized in the Industry: Our studies are recognized by all key cooperative lenders and government entities. You can take our studies to the next level and know they are trusted. 
  • Detailed and Specific: An NRTC feasibility study enables you to communicate specific and detailed information customized for your community enabling you to make the best possible decisions. 

feasibility deliverables

Upon completion of your study, we will deliver a comprehensive report, network maps and model. Our modeling tool empowers you to weigh multiple options after the study is done. Unlike the competition, NRTC’s feasibility study gives you specific, actionable answers to your unique needs. 


Why Choose NRTC?

There are many providers out there who can help you develop, deploy and maintain your broadband network. But NRTC is different.

We understand that every network is unique, and there is no “one-size fits all” solution. We don’t have a specific network we’re trying to sell—we help you explore all available options to understand the potential affects each one can have on your business.

What’s more, NRTC is organized as a cooperative. That means that we are not driven by profit, but rather the long-term success of our members.


The Latest Broadband News

National Broadband Map Update, 8.3 Million Still Lack Access

The FCC has released the first update of its National Broadband Map introduced in November 2022. After six months, which included a challenge period where the public was able to point out possible inaccuracies, the Commission now estimates that there are 8.3 million unserved homes and businesses in the United States. That represents an increase of 330,000 over the total unserved homes in the original map. The Commerce Department’s NTIA is using the map as a tool to calculate state allocations of funds from the $42 billion Broadband Equity, Access, and Development (BEAD) Program later this summer.

Commenters Urge Flexibility While Creating SCS Regulatory Regime

The FCC recently accepted comments on its proposed regulatory framework for Supplemental Coverage from Space (SCS), text communications between satellites and mobile phones. A large majority of commenters endorsed the Commission’s goals in the proceeding, but some asked for special attention toward preventing adjacent-channel interference with mobile phone bands. From a rural perspective, commenters praised the technology for potentially making emergency communications with first responders possible in very remote areas. But some also asked the FCC to allow rural mobile phone carriers be able to offer SCS, as well as national carriers.

2022 Annual Report Describes Building the Dream Technology Project

NRTC today released its 2022 Annual Report featuring CEO Tim Bryan’s analysis of the past several years. NRTC has consciously moved to bring more expertise in-house to help members build communications networks that closely match their individual needs. The report also includes a look back at some of the highlights of 2022, which included moves to bring more experts in house and to introduce new technologies and services. An email to all NRTC members earlier today has a link to the report and full 2022 financial results.

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