2022 Annual Report Describes Building the Dream Technology Project

Randy Sukow


CEO Tim Bryan reviews NRTC’s evolution over the past 12 years, marked by bringing a wide range of expertise in-house to build the best rural communications businesses distinctive to each member. In the 2022 NRTC Annual Report released today, he illustrates how building new broadband and smart grid communications in the community is much like building your dream house. You hire the architects and builders to craft the home that fits your desires.

NRTC has gone to special lengths in recent years to meet members’ unique needs. “There will be hundreds of details, both large and small. It’s good to know, then, that the people of NRTC understand both the technology and rural America,” Bryan said in the report’s CEO letter. “We will build your broadband or smart grid solution – we want to build your dream house!”

The annual report also includes a letter from Tim Mergen of Meeker Cooperative Light & Power Association in Minnesota, who was chairman of the NRTC Board of Directors in 2022. It also provides brief descriptions of some of NRTC’s business highlights over the past year, including bringing Axin Global to NRTC to enhance network design; Tim Bryan’s fascinating interview with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and new products and services introduced by NRTC Managed Services, Mobile Solutions and CrowdFiber.

A direct email to all NRTC members earlier today includes a link to a version of the annual report with 2022 financial results. If you are an NRTC member and did not receive today’s email, please contact us to gain access to the full report.

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