A Plugged-in TechAdvantage Exhibit Floor

Randy Sukow


NRTC was happy to sponsor mini-radio distribution at the TechPark corner of NRECA’s TechAdvantage exhibit floor in New Orleans this week. TechPark was an opportunity for vendors to highlight certain technologies and go into greater detail about power distribution concepts. TechAdvantage held this year’s TechPark talks in four zones which hosted a total of 20 different talks. Topics included cybersecurity, smart city technologies, wireless devices, fiber optics, battery storage, metering data management and others.

TechAdvantage gave away mini radios for attendees to listen to TechPark presentations. Using radios cut down on noise from amplified voices on the exhibit floor and facilitated making audio recordings of the presentations. For attendees who took their radios home with them, a simple setting converts them into regular FM receivers to pick up local stations.

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