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Electric Solutions Partners


Empowering Electric Cooperatives 

As we scout grid-related technologies, we find best-in-breed partners who have developed a solution that we know will benefit electric cooperatives. When we do, we work with those companies to create an opportunity that’s tailored to our members’ unique needs and those of the rural communities they serve.

Advanced Energy

Socore Energy
  • ENGIE (formerly SoCore Energy) is one of the nation’s leading solar companies that develops, builds and operates innovative commercial solar energy and associated storage installations.
  • Low-cost, high-performance and member-focused installations matched to the specific needs of each cooperative, including community-level, distribution and utility-scale projects of all sizes.
  • Offering design-build or power purchase agreements for solar depending on member need. Projects can be integrated with storage and energy management elements.
  • Part of ENGIE SA the world’s largest independent power producer. With a focus on renewable energy and associated services ENGIE has installed more than 350 MW of distributed solar in North America and some 22 GW of renewable generation globally.
  • The Learning Thermostat is a product millions of consumers love to engage with – featuring a customer-centric product design and user interface.
  • Cost-effective energy efficiency, saving consumers 10-12 percent on heating and 15 percent on cooling based on independent studies.
  • A popular and scalable platform for residential demand management and the connected home.
  • A turkey demand response program enabling cooperatives to offer members discounts on thermostats and incentives for participating in your program .
  • The Aquanta device connects the water heater to the internet through a built-in Wi-Fi link to control hot water usage like Nest control of heating and air conditioning.
  • Water heating device is part of the Nest ecosystem, allowing users to control hot water and heating/air conditioning on the same smartphone platform.
  • Installs easily in nearly every electric water heater made or in current operation.
  • Device can work in manual, learning mode (like Nest) or in communications with a third-party demand management program.
  • Demand voltage reduction that is optimized to lower members' wholesale power bills.
  • The means to increase PV hosting capacity with voltage control to minimize the impact of intermittent generation.
  • Volt-VAR optimization and conservation voltage reduction for that provides end-customer energy efficiency and savings.
  • A patented, dynamic, bellwether approach to using AMI meters as voltage sensors.
  • Modular Tier 4 diesel generation for backup, DR, and load shifting.
  • Aggregated Control of existing backup power system (gas or diesel) for Demand Management.
  • Integrated resource control and microgrid solutions for Military Bases.
  • Microgrid solutions integrating solar, microturbines, gensets, and battery storage. 

Smart Grid

  • Cost-effective, high-performance single wireless mesh network that eliminates the single point of failure and other vulnerabilities that plague IoT networks.
  • An easy-to-deploy and scalable network with the optimal combination of throughput, range and latency to benefit end users.
  • A platform that works with virtually any connectable device, protects data with military grade security and is designed to “just work” – with 99+ percent reliability.
  • A long history of successful deployments and a broad ecosystem of hardware and software developers to deliver complete solutions that address customers’ current and future needs.
  • Automate virtually any utility field work activity, improve response times to outages and other field work requests, and increase productivity, safety, accuracy and customer service.
  • Create real-time visibility into your field operations, increase safety and productivity of field operations, improve outage response time and control fleet costs, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Streamline the meter deployment process and improves data accuracy.
  • Browser-based platform translates complex data into meaningful, problem-specific insights - simply select the modules your utility needs.
  • Improve operations and customer responsiveness with GridCure’s Blink Analysis Module by diagnosing issues and connecting blinks to outage events.
  • Extend the life of critical equipment and avoid unexpected failures by focusing maintenance and replacement schedules on the most at-risk assets with GridCure’s Transformer Predictive Health Module and GridCure’s Feeder Cable Predictive Health Module.

Advanced Analytics

  • Low-cost software enhancement that expands the capability of your AMI system to deliver critical, timely information to make better decisions, improve customer service and save money.
  • Outage and power quality reports in nearly real-time (within 15 minutes).
  • Additional information including restorations, tampers, reverse energy, blinks, low/high volts, high amps and over temp.
  • Communications tools, including events plotted precisely on maps, e-mail alerts to key utility staff and daily status reports.
  • Power outage avoidance using predictive-based analytics and technology.
  • Identify conditions on your system that are putting your customers at risk.
  • Visualize specific locations and components in need of repair.
  • Benchmark results for continuous system improvement.

Smart Communications

  • Point-to-point and multi-point wireless communications solutions at a fraction of the cost of wired alternatives.
  • Licensed and unlicensed bands.
  • Licensed Microwave Products 6, 11, 18, and 23 GHZ.
  • Low-cost data communications systems from GE MDS that seamlessly transmit data for applications like: substation communications networks, SCADA, AMI backhaul and distribution automation.
  • Supports point-to-multipoint and point-to-point topologies, as well as hardware to support serial and Ethernet communications.
  • GE MDS offers unlicensed ISM-band products and licensed products in the 150, 220, 450 and 900 MHz bands.
  • Current service offering up to 12 Mbps download and 50 GB monthly data allowance.
  • Innovative web acceleration technology, making web browsing faster.
  • A solid business opportunity for telcos – to complete your build-out and offer service in CLEC areas.
Utility Navigator
  • Custom GIS data map overlay on a navigation device provides precise navigable route to any pole, meter, transformer, etc.
  • Expanded functions that include searching and routing by customer and facility IDs.
    Voice navigation to your electric facilities offers improved safety and allowing crews to keep their eyes on the road.
  • Fleet Management Interface allows drivers and dispatchers to work together to improve customer response, optimize fleet resources and save fuel.
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