AutoGrid Lands on Top of Research Firm’s “DERMS Leaderboard”

Randy Sukow


AutoGrid Lands on Top of Research Firm’s “DERMS Leaderboard”

Competing with 13 companies developing smart grid technologies, research firm Guidehouse Insights has placed NRTC partner AutoGrid Systems at the top of its 2022 DERMS Leaderboard.  The firm judges each company based on product quality, reliability and price.

Guidehouse regularly keeps track of three “flexibility management leaderboards” to track technology effectiveness – 1.) demand response management systems, 2.) virtual power plant management and 3.) distributed energy resources management systems (DERMS). AutoGrid currently holds the #1 slot in all three categories.

“2021 was a watershed year for AutoGrid where we demonstrated [more than] 150 percent year-over-year bookings growth while addressing systemic grid issues,” said AutoGrid founder and CEO Amit Narayan in a press release. “Our comprehensive platform helped orchestrate millions of distributed assets delivering over 6,000 MW of capacity and 37,000 MWh of energy at critical times in 15-countries.”

AutoGrid has been an NRTC partner for two years. It’s AutoGrid Flex DERMS platform offers efficient management of distributed energy resources (DER) and supports demand response (DR) programs. The platform also supports virtual power plants (VPPs), which distributes energy using cloud communications for rapid buying and selling of wholesale power.

“VPPs create a more dynamic relationship between the electricity grid and prosumers. DER capacity, which includes generation, storage and customer loads such as EV charging, is expected to increase dramatically in the coming decades,” according to a white paper AutoGrid recently commissioned from Guidehouse.

The white paper offers case studies from sites as diverse as New York and Texas to show that “VPPs comprised of zero-carbon DER assets can reduce emissions and ratepayer costs.”

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