Co-op Normalcy Begins Emerging From the Pandemic

Randy Sukow


Co-op Normalcy Begins Emerging From the Pandemic

Chris Bradley, an NRTC regional business manager (RBM), had the pleasure of giving an update on NRTC activities during the Utah Rural Electric Cooperative Association Annual Meeting. The association’s members held the April 28 meeting face-to-face in St. George, UT.

“The general mood was happy, calm and relaxed. Everyone seemed excited to try to put the Covid situation behind them. Everyone was happy to engage and get caught up from being gone so long,” Bradley said.

Although he did attend a late 2020 meeting with masks and social distancing, “I was not able to give an update at that time due to the limited agenda because of Covid,” he said. “This was the first face-to-face meeting since March of 2020.” Bradley, who serves NRTC electric members in District 9, says that he also has plans to attend a June meeting in Montana, a July meeting in Idaho and several others in the months following.

NRTC RBMs and other staff look forward to meeting telephone and electric members again in person as COVID-19 restrictions gradually lift. At the same time, NRTC members should be proud to have provided communications tools to their customers that kept their communities connected during the pandemic.

Thanks go to NRTC District 9 board director Chris Seubert of Lane Electric Cooperative in Eugene, OR, who also attended the Utah meeting and provided the photo above.

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