CrowdFiber Introduces Convenient Broadband Labeling Service

Randy Sukow


Broadband Consumer Labels by CrowdFiber is a quick and low-cost way for rural broadband providers to keep their subscribers up to date and meet federal transparency requirements. The tool now available  from NRTC’s CrowdFiber allows providers to create the label themselves and maintain them with current information. It also offers an efficient way to display and store labels.

“The service aims to be the industry’s one-stop shop for all needs related to this new endeavor,” said CrowdFiber founder Bailey White, NRTC’s VP, Product Development.

A year ago, the FCC adopted new rules “requiring ISPs to display, at the point of sale, labels that disclose certain information about broadband prices, introductory rates, data allowances, and broadband speeds, and to include links to information about their network management practices, privacy policies, and the Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program [ACP].”  Broadband providers must display labels by a deadline of April 10, 2024. However, ISPs serving fewer than 100,000 subscribers have until Oct. 10, 2024.

Providers’ first step is to go to and create a new account. The tool will take users through the steps to create a label and to download an embeddable widget code for display on the ISP’s website. Users can then go back and edit the information in the label at any time. Unlike other broadband label makers, CrowdFiber also allows users to archive past labels. The cost is only $5 a month for an active label and $3 a month for each archived label.

FCC rules require that broadband providers be able to display the label for any service offered for up to two years. An archive that quickly and easily accesses past labels could prove important. Users can switch archived labels to active status at any time.

CrowdFiber is planning additional features for the tool in future version, such as bulk label creation via CSV format. Future versions also may include a label creation and management API. Users do not have to be CrowdFiber subscribers to sign up for Broadband Consumer Labels. However, CrowdFiber subscribers eventually will be able to link the tool with their CrowdFiber accounts. For more information, see the Broadband Consumer Labels FAQ or write to  

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