Itron Accolades to NRTC for Outstanding Performance and Innovation

Randy Sukow


At the presentation of NRTC’s Outstanding Performance Award, (left to right) Brad Kreulen, Itron senior channel manager; Chad Dose, NRTC director, AMI Solutions; Jim Fisher, Itron VP, Sales Americas; Tammy Zucco, Itron area VP, America’s Indirect Channels, Public Power, Smart Cities, and Greg Bartolomei, NRTC president, Smart Grid Solutions.

NRTC AMI partner Itron honored NRTC with two awards during its recent Itron Inspire Conference in San Antonio, TX. It is the third straight year that Itron has recognized NRTC for Outstanding Performance while deploying the Gen5 Networks. In addition, NRTC received an Innovator Award for its assistance in Itron’s efforts to speed up AMI networks.

The Outstanding Performance award was in recognition of NRTC’s construction of a network for Cherokee Electric Cooperative in Centre, AL, with rapid efficiency. NRTC was able to convert an aging power line carrier data collection system and replace it with Gen5 in three months. Cherokee Electric did not even have to issue a request for proposals. Total cost of the project was approximately $4 million.

In 2022, NRTC came to Itron with ideas to take advantage of the funding opportunities for advanced networks in rural areas enacted through the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. NRTC’s input led to Itron’s development of its new Fiber Mini Access Point (Fiber MiniAP), a way to apply the speed and efficiency of fiber to AMI, exceeding the capabilities of traditional cellular and ethernet networks.  It is planning to make the Fiber MiniAP available soon.

“Thank you to NRTC for helping and pushing our development of the fiber miniAP … for helping with beta testing at two different locations and three different broadband connection companies,” Itron said during presentation of the Innovator Award.

NRTC has been an Itron partner for five years and foresees increased joint projects with Itron in the future.

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