Look for NRTC Three-Part Microgrid Resiliency Webinar Series

Randy Sukow


NRTC is producing a three-part series of webinars, “The Economics of Microgrid Resiliency,” to take a closer look at possible solutions for backup electric generator owners. Each installment is about 30 minutes and features an NRTC expert presenting the basics of the topic with time for audience questions.

For example, the most recent webinar earlier this month, “Extracting Value from Your Resiliency Investment,” featured Nate Holland, NRTC’s director, Grid Intelligence Solutions. Resiliency is the number-one goal when investing in back-up generation, but Holland also looked at ways generator owners have found to take further advantage of independent generation capability.

  • A peak shaving program involves the co-op sending a business a message when it is best to run their generator to avoid peak rate charges.
  • There are also capacity-market programs, where a business joins an alliance of generator owners.  “You get paid to have your generator available to participate in an event if called upon … You don’t even have to run your generator in some cases because there was no emergency,” Holland said.
  • Programs can vary by region. The regulatory environment in some states has let to the creation of independent system operators (ISOs) or regional transmission organizations (RTOs) to help navigate the sometimes-complex process of buying and selling electric capacity, sometimes leading to program opportunities.

“Each of these situations is somewhat unique and NRTC is here to help to figure out and evaluate if these things make sense for you and your members,” Holland said. Other factors, such as fuel costs, ownership structure (co-op owned, business-owned or partnership), and vendor selection may affect investment decisions. (See decision point wheel from NRTC partner PowerSecure, above.) NRTC can help analyze them all.

Holland can provide a recording and slides of the presentation to interested members. Contact him at nholland@nrtc.coop. He can also provide a recording of the first presentation in the series, “Which Generator Is Right for You? Economic Factors to Consider.”

NRTC completes the series on July 18 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, when Milt Geiger, VP, Smart Grid Solutions, leads “Pros and Cons of Renewable Fuels-based Generators.” Registration is now open.

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