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We Fulfill Our Mission through Members

Member Driven. Technology Focused. Those words truly represent what we, as an organization, aspire to be.

We strive to be our members’ trusted technology partner – providing solutions that help our electric and telecommunications members bring all of the advantages of today’s evolving technology to rural America.

To the extent that we deliver on that promise, we will remain of value to our members and be a purposeful, collaborative and evolving technology leader.

Kaplan Telephone in Louisiana heard over and over from their wireless customers – it’s all about 4G. But, the cost to upgrade their towers and other infrastructure was prohibitive. So, they reached out to NRTC and its Telispire subsidiary. Telispire provides access to trusted nationwide...
That’s the tagline of Prairie Grove Telephone Company in Arkansas. But, it could also be used to describe NRTC’s managed network services, which are powered by its subsidiary NeoNova. Our job is to help members run their broadband operations more efficiently and on a more cost effective...
Members are looking at renewable energy as a way to balance their portfolio and meet member needs. And, there are a lot of solar providers out there.  NRTC’s solar offering helps members stay modern in their approach and offers flexibility in implementation. ...
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