Member Survey Shows NRTC Progress Across the Board

Randy Sukow


NRTC this week is sharing the results of its 2023 Member Survey. NRTC seeks feedback every three years in a survey to measure member perceptions. It then shares the results with all members. The 2023 survey shows that 83 percent agree NRTC “has the members’ best interests in mind,” an increase from 79 percent in 2020.

“We continued to score well on what we call the three pillar questions – having the members’ best interests in mind, providing solutions that are of value to members, and being responsive to members,” NRTC CEO Tim Bryan said in an email to members. “These scores are largely level with the past two survey results, but our goal is continuous improvement, so we will be working harder on how we can always get better.”

The survey also asked electric and telephone members which technologies they would like to implement in the next two years. The top three responses from electric members were electric vehicle analytics/control (14.87 percent); demand management (13.5 percent), and battery storage (12.13 percent). A 65.41 percent majority of electric respondents also said they are deploying networks for residential and commercial broadband internet service.

Telephone members said they are planning broadband network expansion or overbuilds (22.7 percent); cybersecurity enhancements (15.63 percent), and network monitoring and management systems (14.29 percent.

The survey “confirmed we’re on the right track in many areas and identified opportunities for additional focus,” Bryan said.

Each year that NRTC conducts the member survey, it donates to cooperative causes for each response. This year, it is donating $4,180 to the Cooperative Family Fund and $1,860 to NTCA’s Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship Program.

For more information about the 2023 NRTC Member Survey, contact Chris Martin at

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