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New Episode of NRTC’s Video Series Highlights Achievements of Dixie EPA

Jason Champion


Last month, we premiered the first episode of our new video series, NRTC Illuminate, which highlights NRTC’s members, people, solutions and priorities. Today we’re excited to present episode two featuring NRTC member Dixie Electric Power Association of Laurel, MS.

Dixie EPA and its broadband subsidiary, DE Fastlink, recently celebrated a significant milestone—the connection of the 5,000th subscriber to its ever-expanding fiber network in rural Mississippi.

(Editor’s note: Since filming this episode in April, Dixie EPA celebrated its 6,000th connection).

Here is the entire 25-minute episode for you to enjoy.

We will include information about new episodes of NRTC Illuminate here on the NRTC Rural Connect blog and other member-facing communications as they become available.

I hope viewers enjoy learning more about our members, our team and the communities we all ultimately serve. If you have any questions about the NRTC Illuminate project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


Jason Champion is NRTC’s director, Member Experience.

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