NRTC Begins 2024 Board Elections Process

Randy Sukow


NRTC has notified all its Class A (electric) and Class B (telecommunications) members that it is time to submit nominations for elections to its board of directors in early 2024. This year’s elections will decide four electric seats in voting Districts 1, 8, 9 and 10, and one District 12 telecom seat.

Telecom members have until this coming Friday (Dec. 1) to submit a nomination for the District 12 seat. Dustin Durden of Pineland Telephone Cooperative, Metter, GA, is the incumbent board member and is eligible for reelection.

Electric members have until Dec. 15 to submit their nominations. The incumbents in those seats, all eligible for reelection, are: Mike Malandro of Choptank Electric Cooperative, Denton, MD; Lynn Hodges of Ralls County Electric Cooperative, New London, MO; Chris Seubert of Lane Electric Cooperative, Eugene, OR, and Bryan Lightfoot of Bartlett Electric Cooperative, Bartlett, TX.

NRTC conducts board elections by electronic ballot. Later this week, NRTC will mail each member instructions on how to designate their delegates to vote online. (No change is necessary if the member chooses to keep its current delegate.)

We will announce the winner of the District 12 seat during the NRTC Annual Meeting for telephone members at NTCA’s RTIME 2024 conference, Feb. 11-14 in Tampa, FL. We will announce the other four winners at the annual meeting for electric members during NRECA’s PowerXchange, March 1-6.

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